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Oscillating Granulator

Oscillating Granulator
Oscillating Granulator
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Product Description

In tablet production the practice of granulation procedure has an imperative influence in light of the fact that the nature of the last tablets will be dictated by the goodness of the granules utilized for its pressure. Oscillating Granulator has one rotor with five edges, which wavers on flat pivot. There is one half round sifter mounted at the base of the rotor. Item is charged from the best through in feed container and material falls on the rotor replenishes. The particles are broken by an arrangement of swaying bars orchestrated in round and hollow frame over a screen of reasonable work. Because of the sharp edges on rotor, the scaling back of molecule happens and through sifter material gets pushed outward from the base opening. The product comes with a conventional size lessening innovation and is suited for creation of granules from dry and wet materials. Delicate pounding activity of flat rotor against wire work gives uniform partial estimate.


Oscillating Granulator enables the utilization of wire work or punctured work. It does not create heat or tidy and is perfect for sticky heat sensitive items. The container and rotor can be effortlessly expelled for cleaning. Wellbeing network over container and side gatekeepers are given. The yield shifts from 50 to 300 kg for each hour relying upon item and screen.


  • Optimum performance
  • Longer service life
  • Excellent mixing
  • Suitable for production of granules from dry and wet materials.
  • Wire mesh or perforated mesh can be used.
  • Does not generate heat or dust, ideal for sticky heatsensitive products.
  • Safety mesh on top of hopper and side guards are provided.
  • Output varies from 50 to 300 kg per hour depending on product and screen.
  • Hopper and rotor can be easily removed for cleaning.

In tablet making practice the granulation process has an important role as the quality of the final tablets can be determined by the virtue of the granules employed for its compression. Oscillating Granulators feature one rotor with five boundaries, which vacillate on horizontal axis. There is one half round strainer fixed at the lowest of the rotor. Product is indicted from the top via in feed hopper and the material falls on the rotor blades. The particles are smashed by a set of vacillating bars organized in cylindrical procedure over a canopy of appropriate mesh. Due to the high-pitched ends on rotor, the downsizing of particle takes place and through filter material gets strapped outward from the bottom opening.

Offered with traditional size reduction technology.

  • Appropriate for production of pellets from dry as well as wet materials.
  • Gentle grinding stroke of horizontal rotor against wire mesh renders unvarying particle size.
  • Wire mesh as well as perforated mesh can be employed.
  • Do not produce heat or dust, perfect for sticky heat sensitive yields.
  • Hopper as well as rotor can be effortlessly detached for cleaning.
  • Safety mesh is provided on top of hopper and side protectors are delivered.
  • Production varies from 50 to 300 kg in all hours based on product as well as screen.