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Capsule Filling Machine

We are manufacturer and exporter of Mini Capsule Filling Machine that consists of high quality linear bearing that enhances the durability and performance of the product. Sound lubricating condition is improved by pressure spray pump which maintain the lubrication and minimize wear thereby assuring longer life to the machine. Computer controller facilitates frequency conversion wherein digital display assures reliable operation. These features of our Mini Capsule Filling Machine increases its demanded in the market. Moreover, the product renders consistent performance and is easy to install.

Key Details:

  • Assure high precision dosage
  • Adopt multi-bore dosing
  • Alarm for lack of capsule or medicine powder
  • Avoid cross pollution of medicine

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

 This machine is designed to fill hard gelatin capsules of all sizes with powders, pellets or granular materials. Depending upon the quality and size of capsules, ambient temperature and operator speed, the machine can give an output of up to 40,000 capsules per hour under optimum conditions.

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • Low handling losses the spilling and dusting of drugs negligible due to Surrounding trays and recovery of powder is almost total.
  • Versatile fills capsules of all sizes
  • Twin loading heads for faster production rate
  • Compact & light weight filling rings
  • Short change-over time between different capsule sizes
  • Uniformity and accuracy of filling fill weight is uniform and the dosage is accurately maintained within the prescribed limits
  • The built-in counter provides exact number of filled capsules
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Single Loader

Strictly adhering to designing the products as per the customers demands and requirements is our priority. We manufacture and supply Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Single Loader in various pharma industries worldwide. These are used for filling chemical contents in the capsules one at a time. Specifying only one capsule per cycle lets the contents get filled in the perfect quantity in our Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Single Loader.

Features of Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine:


  • Machine supports capsules of custom sizes
  • Accurate quantity filled as per the medical standards
  • Compact designs and updated technology used in these machines

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Our company is noted as one of the well known manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine. These machines are automatic and demanded for their high efficiency, durability and long functional life. These machines are highly used in pharmaceutical industries for filling capsules of all sizes with powders, pellets or granules. We are offering Automatic Capsule Filling Machine at unbeatable prices. These machines are offered by us in different specifications to suit the specific requirement of our clients.

Further Details:

Fully automatic capsule filling machine to fill powder in the form of slug in hard gelatin capsules. This machine is also capable of filling pellets and tablets for flexibility of combination such as powder+pellets+tablet. It is an extremely durable and reliable machine that fills dosages to the highest accuracy and is capable of filling capsules sizes from #0 to # 4. It is also easy to clean and meets GMP standards.

Position Wise Functional Sequence:

  • Empty Capsule loading and separation
  • Empty Capsule loading and separation
  • Tablet filling (optional)
  • Tamping style powder filling(standard)
  • Pellet or Tablet filling (optional)
  • Ejection of un-separated capsule
  • Idle
  • Capsule closing
  • Discharge of filled capsules
  • Segment cleaning 

Features of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine:

  • PLC & Touch screen controlled machine
  • Product handled: powder as standard. Pellet and tablet feeding devices optional
  • Compact, sturdy and meets cGMP standard
  • Suitability for capsule size: 0,1,2,3 and 4 with size changeover
  • Dozing System : Tamping (slug formation through progressive compression)
  • Quick & easy fill weight adjustment
  • Tamping system for powders ensures accurate and better fill weight
  • Fill weight accuracy of +-2%
  • Powder sensor maintains constant level of powder in the dosing chamber
  • Audio alert on capsules running low in hopper
  • Variable speed AC drive for main motor ensures speed adjustment

Capsule Filling Machine

This Capsule Filling Machine is a fully automatic machine designed for filling powder in slug form in hard gelatin capsules. It is a high speed machine, also ideal for filling pellets and tablets with its multiple dosage combinations like powder+pellets+tablet. It can easily fill capsules of varied sizes ranging from #00 to #5 of capsules.

Position wise functional sequence:


  • Empty Capsule loading and division
  • Tablet Filling (optional)
  • Tamping style Powder Filling (standard)
  • Tablet or Pellet Filling (optional)
  • Ejection of un-separated capsule
  • Idle
  • Capsule closing
  • Release of filled capsules
  • Segment cleaning

Features of Capsule Filling Machine:

  • Audio alert, when capsules run low in hopper
  • Can fill capsule sizes from 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 to 4 - with size changeover
  • Compact, durable and speedy machine that meets cGMP norms
  • Filling weight accuracy of + 2%
  • PLC & Touch Screen
  • Powder sensor for maintaining steady level of powder
  • Quick, easy and perfect fill weight adjustment
  • Tamping dozing system
  • Variable speed AC drive for speed adjustment
Other Specifications :
  • Motor: 3.0 kw
  • Flow: 2800LPM


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