Cream Filling and Sealing Machine
PLC operated Pharmaceutical Filling Machine is acknowledged for its error free operation. Vertical sealers of this machine are meant for avoiding shrinkage during sealing. High speed operation, long working life and low operating cost are its main attributes.
Capsule Filling Machine
Offered range of automatic Capsule Filling Machine boasts of having PLC based mechanism, AC drive equipped speed controlling function and touch screen based operating mode. User friendly design is one of its main features.
Blister Packaging Machine
Food grade stainless steel made Blister Packaging Machine is capable of forming, punching and sealing of pharmaceutical blisters at the same time. This equipment is offered in different weight, working capacity and stroke rate based options.
Leak Test Machine
This table-top leak testing machine can be used to inspect leakage in sealed or crimped tubes, sachets, pouches, capped bottles, induction sealed containers, etc. This is an essential machine required in packaging units of many industrial sectors.
Pharmaceutical Machinery
Offered array of Pharmaceutical Machinery is offered with mirror polished surface finish. This range of equipment uses thermostat controlled heater for maintaining ambient internal temperature, hot air blower and variable speed drive.
Ointment Manufacturing Plant is the perfect tool for the pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic industries for the production of Cream, Lotions, Ointment, Tooth Paste & other emulsions. These ensure high shear emulsification as well as homogenization of the product.
Developed from standard grade stainless steel or mild steel, offered Packing Conveyor is reckoned for its high speed operation and low operating charge. Energy efficient operation, application of custom made conveying belt and prolonged working life are its key attributes.
Pharmaceutical Packaging Machines
These painstakingly designed Pharmaceutical Packaging Machines are preferred for their stable operation and long working life. Mounted on easy to move platform, these equipments consist of multiple blade equipped rotor, discharge bowl, hopper and screen.
Electricity driven automatic Induction Cap Sealing Machine is reckoned for its low voltage operation, application of water cooled and air cooled mechanism, food grade stainless steel construction and long working life.
Liquid Filling Machines
Utilization of Liquid Filling Machines can be noticed in food processing, dairy, pharmaceutical and agro chemical production industries. These multipurpose equipments are made of high strength stainless steel. User friendly mechanism is one of their main factors.
Fluid Bed Dryer renders a lucid solution for drying of crystalline, wet granules or coarse materials. It employs the principle of passing the hot air at a boosted velocity via the bed of the substantial to be dried.
The Colloid Mill is the machine that is applicable to lessen the particle size of the solid in suspension in a fluid, or to lessen the drop size of a fluid suspended in another liquid. It works on the rotor-stator principle.
Oscillating Granulators are the continuous variations of the speed as well as force applied to the material. The back as well as forth motion of these results in a smooth distribution of the material.