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Vibro Sifters

Vibro Sifters are high performance machines that are ideally designed for the gradation and separation of dry powder, granules and semi solids or liquids. These are high speed equipments that are manufactured by using top grade stainless steel which is alloyed with various elements which make them highly rigid, durable and light weight in construction. Vibro Sifters availed by us are widely used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemical, food and beverages. We offer various types of such machineries that are provided with a circular gyratory screen to separate the composition of solids on the basis of their size.

Stainless Steel Vibro Sifter

Our entire endeavor lies in manufacturing and exporting high end quality of Stainless Steel Vibro Sifter. Our entire product line is manufactured using advanced technology. Acclaimed for their rigid construction, corrosion resistant surface and unmatched performance, our range finds huge uses in pharmaceutical and beverage industries for separate solid and liquid particles from composition. Moreover, we are offering Vibro Sifter to our clients at cost effective prices.

  • Optional GMP Construction with SS-304/316 contact parts
  • Optional Double /Triple / Four decks as desired
  • Brushing arrangement
  • Screen Sizes (in mm): 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm etc.

The Stainless Steel Vibro Sifter are the machines employed for numerous applications such as Sieving, Sizing and Grading of dry Powders as well as Granules in Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Dye and Cosmetic industries. The machines are made to screen dry products via all mesh sizes as per particle size. These are also available in double / triple / four decks for numerous grading sizes in the similar batch in the identical process. The structure of the machines has been made in order to attain multiple plane vibration by appropriate assembly of the particularly designed vibratory motor rendered with eccentric weight at the top as well as bottom ends of the motor shaft. The motor is fixed vertically at the midpoint of the screening assembly, on a round base via means of springs that enables the unit to quiver freely. The springs absorb the shakings and stop them to be conveyed on the floor.

  • SFT-300 12"
  • SFT-500 20"
  • SFT-750 30"
  • SFT-900 36"
  • SFT-1200 48"

Screen Sizes (in mm): 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm etc.

GMP Vibro Sifter Machine

GMP Vibro Sifter Machine offered by our company is designed and developed by using premium quality materials such as alloyed steel which imparts greater strength and rigidity to the structure for long time run. It is widely used for the differentiating the granular substances and to separate the solid impurities from the bulk mixture of food and pharmaceutical substances. It is equipped with a high speed motor which generates the vibrations within the machine.

Jicon SFT-500 Vibro Sifter

Jicon Vibro Sifter

Jicon Vibro Sifter is considered as one of the best solution to separate the fine particulates in a bulk amount of granular mixture as per the size of the particles. It is provided with a series of thin and highly elastic sieve at different levels in which vibrations is produced with the help of a high performance electrical motor. The material is feeded from the top side of the Jicon vibro Sifter through the hopper which results in the movement of substances through various levels which results in the differentiation of the blend as per the meshing if the sieve.

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