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Rapid Mixer Granulator

Rapid Mixer Granulator
Rapid Mixer Granulator
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Product Code : RMG - 09
Product Description

The Rapid Mixer Granulator is intended to suit the prerequisites of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry. As the name recommends, this machine performs two tasks - blending and crushing. In the wake of blending of dry powders or granules, resulting wet granulation happens creating free granules, in this manner maintaining a strategic distance from exchange of dry blend. The blending is accomplished by paddle compose impeller sharp edges turning near base of the blending dish. The impeller sharp edges are calculated in a way that sets the whole blend in a spinning - rising - tumbling movement guaranteeing a fast and even appropriation of every single dry segment which prompts a notwithstanding wetting of each granule. Arch formed blending dish coordinates free particles into spinning movement with help of impeller for proficient blending.

The huge knots Rapid Mixer Granulator framed amid wet blending are separated by slashing device pivoting at 1440/2880 RPM. Uncommonly planned chopper edges driven at rapid for quick and uniform granulation all through the entire mass in blending dish. The blend can be released with the impeller going through outlet situated in favor of the blending dish close to its base. Offered Rapid Mixer Granulator is effortlessly expelled from the drive shaft so as to encourage simple cleaning of blending dish.

  • The side release get together is pivoted for openness for cleaning.
  • Contact parts can be of SS 304/316 review.
  • All parts effortlessly open for simple cleaning.
  • All electrical &pneumatic parts are prewired to disentangle establishment.
  • Limit switch gave on primary cover to safe activity.
  • Control board with show and clock.
  • All MS parts of machine are cladded/secured with SS sheets.
  • Discharge can be given on either side to suit customer’s necessity.

Description: The Fluid Bed Dryers we offer come with up-to-date improvement in design that makes these units truly versatile products for dyestuff, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and polymer industries. All contact parts of these products are made out of S.S.304/316 and are rendered with isolated control panel.

Operation: Due to induced waft made by specially made heavy duty fan the atmospheric air is drawn via the 5 micron air sieve. The clean air is then moved to the requisite temperature by electric heaters as well as steam radiator. The hot air moves through the product vessel as well as the product gets dried up by Air fluidization and the air control movement by damper. The filter bag averts fine elements from carrying over to exhaust air steam.

Selection: Selection of volume of fluid bed dryer is based upon drying temperature, bulk density, and moisture contents of wet physical to be dried.

In case of 120 kg model a consignment of 145 kg wet physical can be loaded as well as provided the bulk density of the substantial is 0.6kg/lit. (approx)

FBD-Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Food Products

FBD-Salient Features:

  • Improved productivity as well as lesser drying time.
  • Static grounders to eradicate electro-static charge
  • Product container rendered with tilting procedure.
  • Flame proof models are also accessible.
  • Less handing with more hygiene.
  • Unvarying drying at low temperature.
  • Pneumatic fastening for higher capacity models.
  • Models available from 2 Kg. To 300 Kg


  • Speedy mixing granulator Manufacturer in India.
  • Digital temperature controller cum indicators are provided for steam operated dryer.
  • Pneumatic bag shaking devices are offered.
  • Fundamentally safe earthing system.
  • Bottom as well as rear compartments are assembled of S.S.-304 quality
  • Flame proof Motors rendered with push button station.
  • Available in GMP as well as S.S. Models
  • The principal of FBD is aeration with hot air while the precipitate is being fluidized.

The Fluid Bed Dryers has a couch of solid particles that are fluidized by passing a watercourse of air upward via an especially designed perforated piece. The rising velocity of air is so preserved so as to slightly kick the solid particles as well as set them in motion. This motility can be used to carry about mixing as well as forward motility of the solids particles. The air is heated and the hot air vanishes the fluid as well as dries the solids.

The unvarying drying is attained by exposing the full surface of all particles of the solid mass to the inward high velocity hot air.

Technical Specifications:


RMG 25

RMG 100

RMG 150

RMG 250

RMG 400

RMG 600

RMG 1000

Gross Volume in Ltrs

25 L

100 L

150 L

250 L

400 L

600 L

1000 L

Working Volume in Ltrs

20 L

80 L

120 L

200 L

320 L

480 L

800 L

Main Motor H.P.

3 /5 HP

7.5/ 10 HP

10/15 HP

20 /30HP

30/ 40 HP

40/ 50 HP

63/ 85 HP

Main Motor RPM

750 /1500

750 /1500

750 /1500

750 /1500

750 /1500

750 /1500

750 /1500

Choper Motor H.P.

1/ 2HP

2/ 3 HP

3 /5HP

3 /5HP

5 /7.5 HP

5 /7.5 HP

10 /15 HP

Choper Motor RPM

1440 /2880

1440 /2880

1440 /2880

1440 /2880

1440 /2880

1440 /2880

1440 /2880

WT in KG (Approx)

900 kg

1400 kg

1500 kg

1800 kg

2000 kg

2300 kg

3000 kg

Dimensions    in mm